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As a professional and superior quality single-head and dual-head Stethoscope manufacturer, we strive to bring to you the best medical products to safeguard your health and well-being.

Dual Head Stethoscopes Collection

Durable, stylish, stethoscopes designed to deliver optimal sound clarity. Explore our collection now to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Uses of a stethoscope

Single Head Stethoscopes Collection

From classic designs to innovative features, our stethoscopes offer unparalleled accuracy and durability for healthcare professionals. 

Master-Lite Stethoscope

More options

We offer a variety of features such as lightweight design, adjustable binaurals, and sensitive acoustics. Customize your stethoscope with our expert team.


Newborn Stethoscope CM-4318

The newborn stethoscope has a unique raised membrane for enhanced sound amplification.


Fetal Stethoscope II CM-4101

Single head stethoscope for teaching use with two binaural

Master-Lite Stethoscope

Master-Lite Stethoscope CM 4252

Zinc alloy chestpiece, back-pressing mechanism, and binaural design tailored to ear structure.

Bowles Stethoscope

Bowles Stethoscope CM-4227

The bowles stethoscope features a chrome-plated internal spring binaural,chrome-plated raised metal stem chestpiece.


Clock Stethoscope CM-4258

Feature internal spring binaural and PVC tubing chestpiece with a clock.


Cardiology Stethoscope CM-4146

Cardiology Stethoscope with silver dual head chestpiece for cardiology diagnose, the membrane with diameter 48mm is sensitive for sound collecting

Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Threaded chestpiece drum of chrome plated zinc permits the use of five interchangeable
chestpiece fittings – an adult and pediatric diaphragm, and three bells (1 1/4′ , I”, 3/4″)
• Proprietary valve mechanism eliminates acoustic leakage
• Adjustable chrome-plated binaurals
• Complete with an accessory pouch containing the bell chestpieces, chestpiece key, 2 spare
diaphragms, one pair of mushroom eartips, and one pair of silicon eartips

Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope CM-4158

Threaded chestpiece drum of chrome plated zinc permits the use of five interchangeable.


Disposable Stethoscope

Nurse style diaphragm only single patient use scope. ABS construction throughout is super lightweight.


We custom stethoscopes loaded with features that everyone desires, making it an excellent choice for doctors and medical students.

1.Optimal Sound Clarity

Our stethoscopes have high acoustic sensitivity, providing clear sounds from the patient’s chest, heart, or stomach for accurate and flawless diagnosis. Check the video for sound clarity.

2.High-quality material

We use lightweight, high-quality materials such as PVC, 304-stainless steel, aluminum, and Zinc alloy to manufacture our single-head and dual-head stethoscopes, ensuring durability and suitability for use in both adults and newborns.

3.Soft Sealing Ear Tips

Our ear tips are precisely designed to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for extended use. Tight sealing helps filter out external noise, providing clear and accurate sounds of the organs.

4.Stylish designs and colors

With an array of colors to choose from, including classic black and white, sleek matte black, and eye-catching vibrant hues, our stethoscopes are the perfect blend of style and functionality.

5.Quality Assurance

Delivering the highest quality stethoscope is our commitment and our manufacturing strength has helped us obtain EU export certification, FDA certification, etc.

6.Various appliaction

Our elegant single- and dual-head stethoscopes are ideal for general medicine, cardiology, fetal heartbeat and neonatal monitoring, and medical education. With high acoustic sensitivity and clarity of sound, they’re perfect for a range of medical scenarios.


Stethoscope suitable for various medical fields

We supply high-quality, lightweight aluminum and zinc alloy stethoscopes that are trusted by medical practitioners across the globe


Durable and ergonomically designed dual-head stethoscopes


State-of-the-art process control

Manufactured with precision using the latest cutting-edge technology our stethoscopes are best suited for use in hospitals, clinics, and medical colleges


ODM and OEM solutions

Such stethoscope manufacturer certainly care for your choice and hence provide OEM and ODM solutions. Our reliable and precise stethoscope and be customized with your choice of Color and appearance.


Stable production capacity

We offer excellent quality single-head and dual-head stethoscopes, with flawless performance, high acoustic integrity, and clarity for uninterrupted monitoring.

How does a stethoscope detect sound?

Our stethoscopes all need to be soundly tested by a monitor to achieve a high degree of accuracy

caretek factory

About the company

We, Caretek, a stethoscope manufacturer, produce high-quality, lightweight aluminum and zinc alloy stethoscopes that are trusted by medical practitioners across the globe,

Wenzhou Caretek Medical Device Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Caretek”) is located in Wenzhou downtown, Zhejiang, China. Since established in June 2005, we have developed to manufacturing, research, and development, trade of medical devices as one enterprise group. Nowadays, we own a headquarter in Wenzhou, domestic sales department in Shanghai, and five manufacturing plants.

In the past 18 years, we are engaged in producing medical device products cover the home, profession, and medical care services fields, including digital thermometer, infrared thermometer, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, nebulizers, other medical gifts, and etc. These products secure our group an enviable global reputation by their reliable quality.

Quality Certification

International Standard

As of the end of 2022, Caretek has applied for more than 20 patents and passed a number of international certifications, such as CE, USA FDA, 510 (K), ISO13485, Chinese FDA.
Our medical device products are exported to over 50 countries and regions.

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As a leading stethoscope manufacturer from china , Caretek welcomes your investigation on our production condition, workshop facilities, and laboratory equipment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Properly position the stethoscope in front of you, so the diaphragm is facing towards the patient and the earpieces should face towards you so that they can fit in your ears.  

Yes, You can easily hear a baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope. You should use the bell head of a dual-head stethoscope to get ‘good results and perfect sound amplification. 

When the bodily sounds reach the diaphragm or head of the stethoscope, they are amplified acoustically, these amplified sounds travel through the tube to the ear tips. These ear tips are similar to ear pods or earphones and they make you hear high-frequency or low-frequency body sounds which are otherwise inaudible to the human ear.  

The word stethoscope is pronounced as  [STETH] + [UH] + [SKOHP]

One-stop solution for stethoscopes

As a stethoscope manufacturer, we also offer custom services. Our stethoscopes are sturdy and durable and precisely designed with lightweight high-quality environmental materials that are safe for prolonged use. The convenient design and use of good quality materials like 304 stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc alloy make it easier for doctors, nurses, and students to travel easily from OTs to OPDs and they are also safe for the environment.


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If you are looking for customized OEM and ODM solutions for high-quality single-head and dual-head stethoscopes with excellent sound clarity,then connect with us today and explore the world-class stethoscope range.

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A Quick Guide to select between Single-Head Vs Dual-Head Vs Electronic Stethoscope

The stethoscope comes in various designs and models. They are manufactured for a variety of diagnoses. Depending on the medical application different stethoscopes provide different acoustics.

Usually, a stethoscope comprises a chest piece with a single or dual head. This chest piece makes it possible for the sound to transfer to the ear through the head and binaural. This helps medical professionals to monitor various body sounds and diagnose the underlying problem.

The stethoscopes are classified depending on their head types, The three most widely used stethoscopes are

  • Single-head stethoscope
  • Dual-head stethoscope
  • Electronic stethoscope

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right stethoscope depending on your usage and requirement.

Single-head stethoscopes

  • They have a one-sided chest piece and an adjustable diaphragm
  • They are well suited to listening to various sounds of the lungs, stomach, and heart.
  • If you are a specialist looking for use in a dedicated field, single-head stethoscopes are meant for you.
  • They are widely used by cardiologists to listen to heartbeats and cardiovascular issues.
  • The large head of a single-head stethoscope is primarily useful in treating adults.

Dual-head Stethoscopes

  • Dual-head stethoscopes come with a diaphragm on one head and a bell on the other
  • These types of stethoscopes are excellent for use multi-functional use.
  • They can be conveniently used in both adults and children.
  • The dual-head stethoscopes are specifically designed for doctors who need to listen to large organs or concentrate on specific small organs.
  • The narrow bell shrinks the sound thus allowing focus on specific areas. You can also hear lower frequency sounds and murmurs with the bell head of a dual-head stethoscope which is otherwise difficult to do with a diaphragm

Electronic Stethoscopes

  • These are digital stethoscopes and have a much broader audio range.
  • Electronic stethoscopes can be tuned to various frequencies depending upon their application, they also effectively amplify the body sounds beyond the range of a traditional stethoscope
  • They are best suited for identifying medical issues that are difficult for traditional stethoscopes to pick up.
  • People with hearing trouble can also take advantage of an electronic stethoscope.
  • They may come with a digital display to see precise real-time data
  • They are a bit costlier as compared to the traditional single-head and dual-head stethoscopes.
  • They are heavier and a little inconvenient to carry around the ears as compared to their traditional counterparts.

Next time when you are confused about which type of stethoscope to choose, consider your application and the purpose of the stethoscope to serve, to make the right choice.