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Quality Control

Our medical device products undergo a minimum of four quality control checkpoints before ever entering our finished goods warehouse. We analyze the composition of raw material and inspect the products' appearance, performance, precision, using life, and so on.

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What help us to keep our medical devices' quality at high level are
Quality Check Laboratory, Serious QC Team, and Rigorous Inspection Process.

Appearance Inspection

First of all, Caretek medical devices will be inspected the appearance by our experienced quality control department. The products with dirt, scratches, chipping, or burrs will be picked to reprocess.

Performance Inspection

In performance inspection, with the help of advanced equipment in our laboratory, Caretek technicians will test and check all aspects of products, such as hardness, using life, and etc.

Precision Inspection - Blood Pressure Monitor

To inspect the precision of the blood pressure monitor, one of the most important parts is the manometer gauge. Our skillful craftsmen will rotate the needle to check whether it works as normal.

Precision Inspection - Digital Thermometer

Ensuring the precision of Digital Thermometer, they are put in the High Precision Low Temperature Thermost Aticbath, where the temperature fluctuates in a very small range. Then, we will check the devices' results and find the inaccurate ones.

Precision Inspection - Infrared Thermometer

What is different from Digital Thermometer, in the precision inspection of Infrared Thermometer, Caretek builds a constant temperature room to simulate the actual use environment.

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