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With the endless pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship and a passion for innovation, we meticulously process and refine every detail of each medical device product to guarantee exceptional quality.

Focus on Accurate Results

Caretek knows how important the results' accuracy of the medical devices is for both doctors and patients,
and we always try our best to keep our products high precision.

All medical device products are processed by our experienced craftsmen and
inspected by serious quality control team.

The Manufacturing Process

From material cutting to CNC processing to assembling the final products, Caretek is able to finish the whole manufacturing process of medical device products in one stop. We keep a watchful eye over the craft, quality, and safety standards of everything we produce.


Metal Material Cutting

After metal materials reach Caretek's manufacturing plant, we will process cutting the material or semi-finished products, then the roughcasts will become the required shape, preparing for the next steps.


Leather Material Cutting

The pieces of leather required for the pressure cuff are cut out and marked during the stamping stage in order to prevent confusion later on. Then, the pieces of leather that have been cut out to make the cuff are stitched together by the stitching machine.


CNC Machining

The necessary process from metal roughcasts to parts is turning, creating the desired shapes, grooves, holes, threads, among others by cutting the excess. No matter which standard the clients require, Caretek always gives a satisfying answer because of our powerful machining center.


Ear Hook Shaping

Shaping is a process in which workers glue the parts of the ear hooks together, and shape them into the right dimensions. In Caretek, we apply the shaping technology, which makes the ear hooks' radians and sizes satisfy the requirement of design drawing by heating, pressing, and cooling.



Assembly is the process in which technicians attach all the medical devices' components to one another.



On the welding line, Caretek skillful workers join metal parts of medical devices by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool, causing fusion.



After undergoing rigorous tests to ensure medical devices' proper function, they will be packaged into boxes, pallets, and containers step by step.



In Caretek, our professional loading team takes the best care of the products during container loading. Besides, we have long-term cooperation with the reliable vessel company, providing cargo services to all the ports worldwide.

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