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Research And Development

At Caretek, we care about the medical device, and most importantly, we care about the user experience. From initial design concepts all the way through to final production, we can truly grasp the clients' requests.

Professional In Medical Devices

We welcome the opportunity to assist customers in developing new products. We love listening to new ideas, answering questions, and collaborating to overcome your specialty challenges. Our expertise and consultative approach might even help you get your product to market quicker than you’d imagined.

Accurate, Safe, Comfortable Medical Devices

Caretek believes that every medical device should show the results as accurately as possible, and doctors and patients will take help from there. Our professional design team understands how to get a high-precision result while also offering a comfortable and safe experience. As a result, Caretek offers cutting-edge medical device use experiences and customizable appearance to help and protect users.


Caretek hears you loud and clear. Working closely with you, our designers will study the features of your target consumers. Everything that may influence a user experience is taken into our design considerations.

Design And Drafting

Our R&D department draws the design draft of medical devices as per your requirements, choices, and demand. We do provide a wide choice of appearance design, functions, material kinds and colors.

Sample Production

After confirming production drawings in two dimensions, we then create computer-generated 3d images. When the final design is confirmed, we start a sample production run.

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