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CM 2026B

stainless stell head+Pvc tube+Aluminum binaurals(Dual head Stethosocope)

Dimensions Diameter of head:30MM/41mm
Application Adult/child
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Product Details

Dual head Stethosocope

The dual head stethoscope consists of a stainless steel head, PVC tubing, and aluminum binaural.

A stethoscope typically consists of a chest piece diaphragm bell tubing stem headset ear tubes and ear tips the chest piece is composed of the diaphragm and bell which are used to detect low-frequency and high-frequency sounds respectively the tubing connects the chest piece to the stem which holds the headset and ear tubes the ear tips provide comfort when wearing the stethoscope.

Dual Head Stethosocope Feature

  • Head material; stainless steel 304
  • Upper ring size: 30mm,
  • Lower ring size: 11mm
  • Listen to the top and bottom with anti cold ring
  • Anti cold ring color can match the color of hose.
  • Hose material: PVC material.
  • Wall thickness of hose: 5 * 10mm,
  • Length of hose: 59cm
  • Ear hook material: high grade aluminum
  • Alloy built-in ear hook.
  • Earplug: silicone gourd
  • Earplug or insert earplug.
Appearance Inspection
caretek factory

Why choose us? Dual head Stethosocope manufacturer

Caretek is a professional medical device manufacturer in China that produces high-quality products and provides extensive knowledge and after-sales service. Caretek has been in the industry for 16 years and is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. We offer a variety of features such as lightweight design, adjustable binaurals, and sensitive acoustics.

Custom Dual head Stethosocope

Dual head stethoscope manufacturing is available from Caretek. 

Caretek offers a basic dual head stethoscope in various color that can be customized and personalized with engraving.



Most frequent questions and answers

A dual head stethoscope is a medical device designed to allow the user to listen to different sound frequencies. It has two heads, one on each side of the chest piece: a diaphragm for high frequency sounds and a bell for low frequency sounds. Dual head stethoscopes are used for instruction purposes, allowing both teacher and student to monitor heart sounds simultaneously.

The advantages of a dual head stethoscope include better sound quality and greater frequency response, as well as versatility and the ability to listen to different sound ranges based on the chestpiece side. Dual head stethoscopes are also more suitable for larger patientsand offer quality and performance at an affordable price.

The best dual head stethoscopes of 2023 include the 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope, MDF Rose Gold MD One Premium Dual Head Stethoscope, MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope, MDF MD One, and 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope.
A dual head stethoscope is a lightweight diagnostic instrument with a combination diaphragm/bell chestpiece for wide frequency response. It typically includes adjustable binaurals with PVC eartips and a spare diaphragm and mushroom eartips. Dual head stethoscopes are available from various manufacturers, such as Caretek.

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