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CM-4111(Adult) CM-4211(Child)

Aluminum Head +Pvc tube+Aluminum binaurals (Single head Stethosocope)

Dimensions Diameter of head:46MM
Application Adult
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Product Details

Single head Stethosocope

Single head stethoscopes typically feature an aluminum chest piece, 21” PVC tubing, and Aluminum binaural. The binaurals are often made with anodized aluminum to help pick up low sounds while the flat chest piece picks up higher frequencies. The stethoscope is lightweight and cost-effective.

Single Head Stethosocope Feature


  • Head material; stainless steel 304
  • Upper ring size: 30mm
  • Lower ring size: 11mm
  • Listen to the top and bottom with anti cold ring,
  • Anti cold ring color can match the color of hose.
  • Hose material: PVC material.
  • Wall thickness of hose: 5 * 10mm,
  • Length of hose: 59cm
  • Ear hook material: high grade aluminum
  • Alloy built-in ear hook.
  • Earplug: silicone gourd
  • Earplug or insert earplug.
Appearance Inspection
caretek factory

Custom Single head Stethosocope

Single-head stethoscopes are available in cardiology, electronic, pediatric and lightweight models. They can be customized with colors and finishes, and personalized with engravings. We offers custom designs and a 2-year warranty, while we provides personalized single head stethoscopes in hot pink, blue, purple or black. We also offers various other stethoscopes to choose from to meet specific needs, including single- and dual-head options with custom branding.

Single head Stethosocope factory


We produce aluminum binaurals single head stethoscopes. These stethoscopes typically feature adjustable anodized aluminum binaurals, flexible PVC tubing, a 1-3/4″ (4.5cm) diameter diaphragm with non-chill diaphragm ring, and 22″ (56.5cm) tubing. Some models also include two sets of aluminum binaurals for simultaneous listening by a student and instructor.



Most frequent questions and answers

To use a single-head stethoscope, place the chestpiece on the patient’s body and listen for sounds with one ear. Single-head stethoscopes have a one-sided chestpiece with an adjustable diaphragm, which is used to identify, listen to, and study heart, lung, and other body sounds for physical diagnosis. They provide a wide and clear frequency sound output but do not allow you to alternate listening to low and high frequency sounds by simply turning over the head

To clean a single-head stethoscope, wipe it with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution, 2% bleach solution, or mild soap and water. Do not immerse the stethoscope in any liquid or subject it to steam sterilization. Ensure that all parts and surfaces are dried thoroughly before reassembly.

A single head stethoscope is a diagnostic device with a one-sided chestpiece and an adjustable diaphragm. It is designed for blood pressure assessment and general auscultation, and is convenient for those with a heavy workload as it allows for easy shift between high and low frequency sounds. It is distinct from dual head stethoscopes, which have two heads on each side of the chest piece, with the larger one being flatter and better for high frequency sounds.

Single-head stethoscopes are designed for blood pressure assessment and general auscultation. They feature a low profile chestpiece that easily fits under a cuff for blood pressure readings and have dual chamber chestpieces and tube designs that enable stereo sound. Single-head stethoscopes can be found at medical device manufacturer: Caretek

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