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Which Blood Pressure Monitor is Most Accurate?


An accurate blood pressure monitor can assist your healthcare provider and you in making rapid medication adjustments to keep your numbers within healthy limits.

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, so it’s essential to monitor your readings regularly.

For accurate measurement, you need a cuff that fits your upper arm. That is why doctors typically suggest using a cuff-style monitor at home for home use.

High-quality Blood Pressure Monitor from caretek

  • Caretek YB 803

The Caretek blood pressure monitor is user-friendly, accurate, and cost-effective. It comes complete with a cuff, air tube, four AA batteries, as well as an instruction manual.

Caretek’s electronic blood pressure monitor wrist-type model also features Advanced Accuracy technology, which measures five times more data points to minimize the effects of breathing or movement on readings. It has a large, backlit comparison display for quick and effortless access to all your measurements.

This blood pressure monitor also features a high morning average indicator to alert you when your pulse is too high in the morning, an Irregular Heartbeat Symbol that displays up to three irregular heartbeats detected during measurement, and an exclusive multi-user memory that stores 120 readings for each user.

  • Omron Platinum Upper Arm

The Omron Platinum Upper Arm is one of the most accurate home blood pressure monitors available. It boasts a high-contrast black, backlit dual display screen that clearly and quickly displays readings.

It also boasts many cutting-edge features, such as Advances Accuracy Technology, which averages three readings within two minutes, and TruRead technology which reduces filter breathing artifacts.

This upper-arm blood pressure monitor is easy to set up and comes with a convenient carrying case. It can store up to 200 readings and detect irregular heartbeats.

It boasts a large backlit display to make it easier to read. Plus, the device works with a smartphone app that allows multiple users to track their blood pressure histories over time.

  • Paramed BPM

Paramed BPM is an impressive blood pressure monitor with plenty of features. It’s user-friendly, has an adjustable cuff, and enough memory for two profiles – making it the ideal choice.

This bp wrist machine model also alerts users when they’re incorrectly applying the device to prevent inaccurate readings. Furthermore, it detects irregular heartbeats, which could help protect against cardiovascular disease.

Before taking your reading, ensure you sit in a comfortable position and take off any clothing that could interfere with the cuff. Additionally, avoid smoking, exercising, and consuming caffeine before taking your reading.

  • Medtronic BP1000

For convenience, the Medtronic BP1000 is an ideal choice low noisy digital blood pressure monitor. Measuring with just a push of a button, it stores 120 readings in memory and displays blood pressure readings as low, normal, or high. Plus, its data display is easy to read, with various indicators indicating when it’s time for another measurement.

Though not as comfortable to wear as some of its competitors, the Medtronic BP1000 fits comfortably and features an easy-to-read data display. You can access past readings from this device with dates and times attached for each measurement, making it a great tool to track trends in blood pressure – with 100 readings stored per user.


The Caretek blood pressure monitor offers a cuff that fits most arm sizes and features an app. Plus, its one-button system and the large digital display may make it easier for blind or visually impaired individuals to operate. To learn how to calibrate a digital blood pressure monitor? Read this!

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